Design For Life: The Benefits Of Upcycling In Interior Decoration

Upcycling is both a sustainable and stylish method of interior design: it is making use of existing pieces to reduce wastage, and finding the hidden beauty of a room by displaying old things in new contexts. The styling or total reinvention of a room involves stamping a modern hallmark on a beloved vintage era; considering the environment while retaining a quirky yet practical style; and, overall, creating something which looks good but doing it in a good way.  

Upcycling in interior decoration has come in to the spotlight more recently due to the emerging ‘shabby chic’ market which it represents.However, the idea of recycling old and often discarded products into new and usable items isn’t a new phenomenon and has been carried out in lesser developed countries for a number of years. 
The possibilities are endless: old pieces of woodwork can be transformed into stunning storage solutions; obsolete technology such as Cd’s can be made into beautiful unique jewellery pieces; and discarded tapestry can be manipulated into wonderful wall art. Upcycling does not mean ignoring everything totally new, it means using greener options wherever possible such as wallpaper and paint rather than screws, for example. Ultimately, it means feeling good about your impact on the world. 

Re-designing rooms or indeed entire properties by using existing focal points is a fantastic way of creating a space which it completely unique; every upcycled piece of furniture, fabric, and forgotten artifact will be entirely bespoke reflecting your own taste, flare, and personality. No two pieces will be the same unless you create them. 
Reinventing a pre-loved item is budget friendly; cost is not an issue when upcycling – you spend as little or as much as you want. A simple frame can create a focal point to be desired and a lick of paint works equally as well as a vibrant design in permanent marker breathing life back in to a tired piece of furniture and giving it the vitality it so desperately craved.