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Our response to COVID-19

We continue to work throughout Covid-19 in accordance with Government guidelines although we were met with many challenges on the way. We are adapting our work to respond to these new challenges – both new and in the longer-term…


It appears to be something of a given in contemporary interior design that when it comes to the walls, paint is the only choice. Hours and hours will doubtlessly be spent poring over combinations of furniture, drapes, and other accessories…

bathroom with ornate wallpaper
kitchen with breakfast area


An effective interior design scheme is only as impactful as the sum of its parts, and one part that sadly goes often overlooked when considering the differing approaches for a given remodelling is a proper consideration of …. lighting.

Upcycling In Interior Decoration

Upcycling is both a sustainable and stylish method of interior design: it is making use of existing pieces to reduce wastage, and finding the hidden beauty of a room by displaying old things in new contexts.

Home with dining area crate shelves and rolling cart